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About rock: There will always be variation in batches of rock, depending on the geography of the quarry when it is mined. Color may change subtly as new veins of rock are mined out of the earth. We strive to accurately represent the color and size of rock we sell. Please understand that fluctuation in tone and color are to be expected. Rocks are unwashed and usually contain between 1-5% fines, some varieties have up to 20%. Color and gradation may vary. Roundness and sharpness may vary. Overall size may vary. We want you to be happy with the rock you select. Please verify the size and color of rock in person before placing an order for delivery. Once product is delivered, we do not accept returns.


Sparta Gray – Small Cobbled – out of stock

$85 per cubic yard
Size: 2″- 6″


Sparta Gray – Large Cobbled

$95 per cubic yard
Size: 6″ – 12″


River Pebble 1″ minus – temporarily out of stock

$65 per cubic yard
Size: ranges from 1″ down to very small pebbles

River Pebble 1″ minus close up




River Pebble 1″ plus – temporarily out of stock

$65 per cubic yard
Size: ranges from small pebbles up to 4″, plus
(This is a new rock this year, and used to been called River Cobble 2″-4″. Thanks for your patience as we adjust to fluctuations in size.)


Flagstone Chips

$110 per cubic yard
close-out price $55 per yard. Limited stock

  Large Size: 2″ +

Our Large Flagstone Chips function similarly to the Medium Chips. They’re primarily used as stone mulch and in xeriscaping projects. By replacing your lawn with decorative stone can save up to 22 gallons of water per square foot.



Horizon Quartz 3″

(1.5″ and 3″ are nearly identical in color)

Wasatch Array – Crushed

$50 per cubic yard
Sizes:   1″ minus,  2″,  3-6″,
-out of stock until end of May-


Pathway Bark

$55 per cubic yard
Medium bark suitable for pathways

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