Decorative Rock

Decorative rock is a beautiful addition to your landscape. For all rock types, please keep in mind:

  • There will always be variation in batches of rock, depending on the geography of the quarry when it is mined. Color may change subtly as new veins of rock are mined out of the earth.
  • We strive to accurately represent the color and size of rock we sell. Color and gradation may vary. Roundness and sharpness may vary. Overall size may vary.
  • Rock availability changes season to season, sometimes monthly. We recommending finishing rock projects all at once in case a supply is discontinued.
  • Rocks are unwashed and usually contain between 1-5% fines, some varieties have up to 20%.
  • Please verify the size and color of rock in person before placing an order for delivery. Once product is delivered, we do not accept returns.
  • Delivery fees are not included.

Cobble Rock

Cobble rock is generally defined by its round shape. Rock quarries call non-crushed rock “cobble”. Not all cobble rock is perfectly round. Many cobble varieties come with fractured edges, but are still much smoother than a crushed rock edge. Because of their smooth edges, small cobble rocks tend to move easily when stepped on our driven over. They are ideal for beautifying your landscape as a dry river bed, planter area ground cover, and other decorative uses. Click a photo below for more details:

Crushed Rock

Crushed rock is both beautiful and functional. It works well in flower beds as a ground cover, and is also the recommended choice for parking areas or walking paths where you need good traction. Because the jagged edges of crushed rock interlock over time, it is ideal for situations where stability is needed. Click a photo below for more details:

Lava Rock

Entering the landscape scene with renewed flair, lava rock has become increasingly popular over the past several years. It’s unique color, shape and density make it ideal for decorative purposes. Lava rock is lightweight compared to other stone varieties, weighing in around 1,400 lbs per cubic yard. Smaller lava rock scatters more easily than larger nuggets, though all sizes are more wind resistant than wood chips. Add that to it’s rich, non-fading color, and we’ve got a landscape design winner. Click a photo below for more details:

Please note: This Lava Rock is not suitable for use in fire pits.

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