Delivery FAQs

What does it cost to deliver? 
Delivery prices are based on your location and the amount ordered. Please see our Delivery Prices page for specifics.

How soon can you deliver?
It depends. Small, local deliveries can usually be made in a day or two. Larger deliveries may need 3 days lead time. In our busy spring season, Fridays and Saturdays fill up quickly. We suggest texting by Wednesday to get a weekend delivery. (Some cities aren’t available for Saturday deliveries.)

When will my delivery arrive?
In our busiest spring months, predicting what time of day deliveries will happen is difficult. Usually, we can give you a morning or afternoon time frame. Deliveries are made between 8am-6pm (occasionaly, even later). Delays may occur, and we appreciate your patience.

When should I rent equipment / hire help to move material?
Because we can’t guarantee what time of day your delivery will arrive, we suggest scheduling equipment rentals and hiring help for the day following your delivery. This way your material is guaranteed to be there when you’re ready to work.

How much can fit in one truck?
For most addresses, we can bring up to 18 yards at a time in one delivery.

Can you deliver more than one product at a time? No. It’s not possible to separate materials in the truck. They would get mixed together.

Do I need to be home?
We recommend it, but it’s not required. We deliver products “curbside”, meaning in the street just in front of your curb. If you prefer we can put it at the edge of your driveway.

Can you drop it off in my driveway, backyard, etc?
We prefer street deliveries for lots of reasons, including protecting our equipment and your property. Some of our trucks are very large (and heavy!) and need a wide-open, level space to dump. At your request our drivers may attempt to place material where you designate. However, prices are based on a readily accessible road to the point of discharge. We assume no responsibility for damages to inside curb of property. We do not accept liability for damage caused by our equipment to curb, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, lawns, trees or other personal property. Please discuss delivery requests when you place your order.

What if my HOA won’t allow street delivery?
Most cities are reasonable about having material delivered curbside as long as you are actively working to move product in a timely manner. Please consider limitations your HOA may have when placing your order.

How do I schedule?
Texting your delivery request is the quickest way to get on our schedule. Please send a text to 385-999-6657 with your name, address, and email address.

How do I pay, and when is payment due?
Paying is simple. We can send you a secure credit card payment link via email. Let us know if you prefer to pay with cash or check, or by phone with your card number. Payment is due day of delivery. We appreciate prompt payment.

Do you accept returns?
No. All sales of products and services are final. No refunds, No exchanges.

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify they are ordering the correct product and quantity for their job. We highly recommend customers come to look at the products in person before placing an order. There are always variations in rock, stone, mulch and soil due to season and geography of supply. Products do vary from time to time.

When you order a product for delivery there are significant costs involved to get it to your location. Once it is dumped out, there is no way to return it without incurring more costs. We recommend being home to receive your delivery.

Please see our full Return Policy page for more information.




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