Sand has many uses in landscape projects. From playgrounds to construction projects, we offer several varieties to meet your needs. Please verify the size and color of product in person before placing an order for delivery. Once product is delivered, we do not accept returns. Delivery fees are not included.


Fine Sand $50.00 / yd³Fine sand is most commonly used for play areas. It retains moisture better than coarse washed sand.
Technical (gradation) analysis:
100% passing #116 sieve
97% passing #50 sieve
11% passing #200 sieve
Coarse Washed Sand $60.00 / yd³Coarse Washed Sand is most commonly used as a leveling layer for pavers. Its percolation is better than finer sands. Technical (gradation) analysis:
100% passing #4 sieve
85% passing #10 sieve
37% passing #30 sieve
20% passing #50 sieve
6.4% #100 sieve
1.2% passing #200 sieve
Mason Sand $65.00 / yd³Mason Sand is a medium-grit sand and can be used for making mortar, sand blasting or concrete curbing. It is also used as a soil amendment.
Bedding Sand $40.00 / yd³This is a high-silt sand and is most commonly used for bedding pipes and utilities.
Technical (gradation) analysis:
100% passing ¼” sieve
98.6% passing #50
77.8% passing #200
Sports Sand $45.00 / yd³Screened coarse un-washed sand, containing minimal clay binder for slight to medium compaction. Good for horse arenas and infield sport applications where traction is desired.


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