Pickup FAQs

Where is the office?
There isn’t one. Just park by the product you wish to purchase and one of our friendly yard helpers will be over to load your vehicle and take payment. Card, check and cash are welcome. If you don’t see someone within five minutes, drive through the yard or give us a call and we’ll make sure you get helped. 385-999-6657.

How do I pay?
Our yard helpers can take card payment once you’ve been loaded. We can also take check or cash.

Can you load material into my pickup truck?
Yes. However please be aware that rocks and dirt may scratch and dent. It’s best to bring work trucks, not date-night trucks, to pick up your hardscape supplies. We will not be held responsible for damages to vehicles. Please check tire pressure and trailer structure before coming. Bring tarps and tie downs if needed to minimize risk, road hazards, etc. We are unable to fill vans, cars, SUVs, or trucks with shells or enclosed trailers. Thank you for understanding.

How much can fit in my pickup truck?
It depends on the truck and what you are buying. Weight-wise most standards pickups can only haul 1 yard of heavy materials (sand, gravel, and soil). Lighter materials such as Colored Mulch or Playground Chips will usually fill 1.5 – 2 yards in a full-size pickup.

Can you fill bags or buckets?
Sorry, we can no longer fill bags or buckets or sell in smaller quantities than .25 cubic yards. We can load trucks, trailers, or schedule a delivery of our material.

Do you sell bagged products?
No. We only sell bulk materials.

Will you take my lawn and leaf clippings? And/or clean fill?
Yes, lawn and leaf clippings, and yes sod.
Yes, clean fill.
No woody branches or trimmings, weeds, or unclean fill of any kind.

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