Yard Calculator

How much product do I need?

Typically 4″ of topsoil or mulch is a standard depth. 1 yard will cover 81 sq. ft., 4″ thick. To calculate how much you need:

  1. Get the area of your coverage (length times width)
  2. Determine the depth of product you will need. If you want it 4″ deep, divide the area measurement by 81. This gives you yardage needed for a 4″ depth.
    (Divide by 162 for a 2″ depth.)
    (Divide by 362 for a 1″ depth.)

Example 1:
I need Garden Mix for a 4′ x 8′ grow box. I want the Garden mix to be 12″ deep.

  1. 4′ x 8′ is the length and width.
  2. 32′ is the area.
  3. 32 divided by 27 = 1.19 cubic yards needed to fill my grow box. 1 heaping yard would be sufficient.

Example 2:
I need Top Soil for my front yard. I want the Top Soil to be 4″ deep.

  1. 20′ x 20′ is the length and width.
  2. 400′ is the area.
  3. 400 divided by 81 = 4.94 cubic yards needed of Top Soil at 4″ thick. 5 yards would be sufficient.


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